CRM - Results Software

Results Software provides Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Business Management solutions. The software delivers a complete and flexible approach to business information management and business process automation for sales and marketing, service delivery, customer service, project management as well as electronic timesheets, time-billing, invoicing, order tracking, payment history and inventory control along with bi-directional QuickBooks and Outlook Integration. Results is available in three versions:

  • Results CRM - Results CRM is the smart way to track and automate your contacts, opportunities and activities management.
  • Results CRM Plus - Results CRM Plus builds on the power of Results CRM and allows you to automate business processes and procedures and efficiently manage various projects and contracts.
  • Results Business Suite - In addition to all of the Results CRM Plus capabilities, use the billing and finance features of Results Business Suite to track and manage time-billing, invoicing, payments, expenses, product and services pricing and inventory.

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